Who we are

We are Nick and Nancy (n2). We are portrait artists who specialize in engagement, wedding, family, maternity, newborn and senior photography in Lawrence, Kansas. We also have a passion for real estate photography.

We have just one goal: to capture whatever you're into.

So, whether you just got engaged or bought a new puppy or added a baby to your family, we can capture the moments most important to you. Formerly based in Lincoln, Nebraska, we now call Lawrence, Kansas, home. However, our passion for capturing both the big and small moments in our clients' lives continues on.

n2photography lawrence kansas family wedding real estate newborn senior photographers

In 2017, while we still lived in Lincoln, NE, we were nominated as a finalist for best photographer in the city. Lincoln has many phenomenal photographers, and we were honored to be considered as a finalist.

The story of us


Nick grew up surrounded by the arts. His mother was an art therapist with a talent for watercolor, oil painting and cooking. She passed on her passion for creativity and the arts to all three of her children.

Nick was skilled in art — especially in sketching — but also was a whiz in math and science. In college, he pursued engineering. He loved the creative thinking it could require to solve a challenge.

He also fell in love with technology. He was an early adopter of the iPhone and loved knowing how things worked.

While living in Colorado, he discovered a way to merge two of his interests — creativity and technology. He discovered photography. And doing so in Colorado was the perfect place to develop this new passion.

n2photography nick mccready lawrence kansas family wedding real estate newborn senior photographers


It was my freshman year of high school when I picked up my first camera. It was a film camera. I fell in love. I would make my sister stand in the front yard and take black-and-white portraits of her from different angles.

Art had always been in my blood, and photography became another extension of that. As high school went on, one of my favorite places became the art room's dark room.

In college, I became interested in journalism. I still loved photography, but I didn't have the money to purchase a camera. Instead, I joined the college newspaper as a reporter. There, I worked with some incredible student photographers. Their work inspired me, and I saw the role it played in bringing my stories to life.

Images and words are both powerful. But, as they say, an image is worth 1,000 words. I loved the photojournalistic approach — capturing events as they happened and honoring life's raw moments.

Years later, I would meet a man who would encourage me to pursue this forgotten passion. His name was Nick.

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NIck & Nancy

We met in 2006. Our courtship was non-traditional. We dated for six years before saying "I do."

Those six years were filled with moves to multiple states, the purchasing of a home, and many other major and minor decisions in between. That's the beauty of our story. It's ours. Learning the love stories of our couples is still one of my favorite things.

It was while living in Colorado that the idea for n2photography was born. Nick invested in a DSLR camera. We figured we'd share it. That didn't work out. We both loved being behind the lens. We came up with a crazy idea of maybe pursing photography more seriously. And over beers on a patio, n2photography was created.

What's behind the name? n2 represents both of us — Nick and Nancy. It also represents our mission is to capture whatever you're into. Get it?

So here we are. And we'd love to meet you and learn (and capture) your story.

n2photography nick and nancy family wedding photographers lawrence kansas

“everyone's story is different. everyone's story is special.
let's capture it together.”